Sunday, September 17, 2017

Download Sygic: GPS Navigation, Offline Maps & Directions v17.2.13 free on android

GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic - is the routing and navigation application for Android phones and tablets, which has by far the most downloaded among software. After installing this data transfer program, you can use the GPS feature of your phone or tablet to use the existing maps on your device’s memory and without the need for the Internet. To fully integrate the software with your environment every 3 months, updates are provided for free for the program. The popular software used in most parts of the world as the premier guide to travel between provinces, states, and countries, has 3D maps and audio guidance and speed alerts that can give you a pleasant journey experience. Give a gift. This app is also supported by Zba Farsi, which will make it much easier to work with the software.You can enter the origin and destination of your journey with the help of the navigation software so that you can see the best and fastest route to you, and if you mistake the route or go wrong, the software will warn you and The new route is displayed to the destination. For Persian audio guidance, the software is also used by Arash and Sarah for the convenience of users. If you are looking for comprehensive navigation and routing software, Sikh would be a great option with more than 50 million downloads from official markets.

Updated version 17.2.13!


50,000,000 - 100,000,000

Google Play

Download Sygic: GPS Navigation, Offline Maps & Directions v17.2.13.apk (30.4Mb)
Download obb Sygic: GPS Navigation, Offline Maps & Directions (159.5Mb)

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